The origin of the idea?

Both diagnostics and the process of treatment have become much more effective and the development of medicine hugely contributes to the increasing life expectancy. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that medical intervention as such does not contribute to the reduction of morbidity. It is the broadly understood prevention and health education that is of crucial importance here.

What’s in the programme?

The series ‘Health over a Cup of Coffee’ was created in order to make us aware of the importance of health testing and education. In collaboration with a team of outstanding specialists we created a series of talks in order to raise awareness of the latest methods of preventing various diseases, such as cancer, circulatory, musculoskeletal diseases and diseases of affluence. The programme will also include general panel discussions on health, including particular ailments and therapeutic methods as well as the latest achievements in medicine with regard to surgical techniques. We will also take care of the individual needs of particular groups of patients, e.g. mothers-to-be, women and men during menopause and andropause, people in risk groups and women seeking support and solutions after mastectomy. All meeting will be led by experienced specialists –practitioners who have been greatly involved for years in caring for his patients’ health. During the talks, in a friendly atmosphere filled with the aroma of coffee, we are going to answer all possible questions so that each of the participants should leave equipped with practical knowledge and motivation to change their habits and behaviours concerning preventive measures.

….so, let’s talk

because prevention and health education in the programme ‘Health over a Cup of Coffee’ does not take much time, does not cost anything but improves the quality of our lives, even though it is not properly appreciated by Poles.