About the pediatrics clinic

As part of the pediatric surgery clinic, we provide consultations, diagnostics and treatment of children from the first days of life to the age of 18 years. We provide professional research in the field of surgical diseases, surgical procedures as well as comprehensive care for various complications requiring surgical intervention in the youngest patients. As part of one-day surgery, we carry out outpatient procedures to remove nodules, warts, pigmented nevi, cysts or small hemangiomas, as well as excision of scars and keloids or ingrown nails. We surround our youngest patients with loving care. The consulting doctors have many years of experience gained in children’s wards.

Conditions treated

  • caring for newborns
  • infectious diseases
  • diseases of the throat, ears and paranasal sinuses
  • respiratory system diseases
  • allergic diseases
  • digestive system diseases
  • diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract
  • genetic diseases
  • eye diseases
  • skin diseases
  • endocrine diseases
  • blood diseases

The scope of performed diagnostic tests and treatments:

  • pediatric consultations
  • ultrasound of cranial sutures
  • ultrasound – full range
  • full range of analytical tests
  • EKG

Our staff consists of world-class specialists

We chose a group of outstanding specialists whose experience and professionalism build the rank of this place. Find out more about our clinics and medical staff.