You will be informed about the exact time of admission to hospital by phone by a receptionist. Usually, the information concerning the fixed date and time of admission is provided on the day preceding the date of surgery (in the afternoon).
      Please report to reception desk at Szpital na Klinach, at the main entrance on the ground floor at the appointed time. Admissions are handled according to the schedule.
    • REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (lack of these documents may prevent admission to hospital)
      • ID card or passport
      • Test or consultation results
      • Discharge summaries from previous hospitalisations
      • Last meal or drink before the planned surgery:
        • not later than 6 hours before the planned surgery: a light meal (if the admission is in the morning, please come with an empty stomach)
        • not later than 4 hours: last drink, still and clear, not milk.
      • In the morning on the day of surgery the patient should take their medicines as prescribed by the doctor and wash them down with a small amount of water
      • Anticoagulants (e.g. Acenocoumarol, Sintrom, Warfarin, Clopidogrel, Ticlopidine, Aspirin and its preparations, e.g. Acard, Polocard and Bestpirin) – the patient should follow the doctor’s pre-operative instructions
      • Diabetic patients should follow their individual instructions
      • Patients should take with them the medicines they normally take (in original packaging and an amount corresponding to the planned duration of hospitalisation)
      • Personal preparation: have a bath or shower and change underwear on the day of surgery (remove make-up and jewellery)
      • Bring with you your toiletries, two towels, pyjamas, slippers and all medicines you are currently taking
      • You are advised to leave your valuables at home
      • If you need a sick leave certificate, tell your attending physician and provide them with your personal details, i.e. the ID-no. (PESEL), tax-ID no. (NIP) and address as well as the name and NIP number of your EMPLOYER.

    If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. If you are unable to arrive at the hospital (e.g. due to sudden illness), it is vital that you inform the receptionist.

    Telephone numbers:

    (+48) 12 262 02 75
    (+48) 12 267 40 67