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The Nutrition ClinicThe Nutrition Clinic was established within the structure of Szpital na Klinach on 1st February 2018 as a result of collaboration between two befriended institutions, Szpital na Klinach and the Nutricare Nutritional Therapy Centre. It provides care to all the patients that were previously nourished at home by Nutricare. The Clinic operated based on a contract with the National Health Fund, which means that the nutritional therapy services are provided free of charge. The Clinic’s team of doctors and nurses provides home care to patients with swallowing disorders and feed them using specialist readymade diets administered into the stomach or directly into the small intestine by a nasogastric tube or a gastrostomy feeding tube.

This care includes regular visits to the patient’s home, monitoring of nutritional status, laboratory tests, phone and personal contact with members of the medical team. We feed patients who are unable to feed orally, e.g. after a stroke or a traffic accident; with swallowing disorders in the course of a neurological disease or cancers; children and elderly people.

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We welcome anybody who needs enteral feeding at home. The clinic at Szpital na Klinach 47 Kostrzewskiego St. is open each Wednesday between 3 pm and 5 pm (15.00-17.00).

Information on how to find us and what you need in order to obtain help is available by phone or email. We encourage you to contact us.

Phone contact:

Phone appointments: (+48) 12 267 40 64

24-hour helpline: (+48) 608 463 080

Who is it for?

We are here for your, our patients who are unable to feed orally. For patients who had a stroke, patients with neurodegenerative diseases, after injuries or accidents, oncology patients and children – all those who need to be fed by a nasogastric tube, gastrostomy feeding tube, PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) or jejunostomy because they cannot swallow food. If necessary, we will help you arrange this kind of feeding and assess your fitness for PEG feeding or have a gastrostomy feeding tube changed. We are both specialists and enthusiasts; we will assist you in creating a feeding scheme and we will provide 24-hour care in your home working together with your GP and other specialists involved in the therapy process.

Funding arrangements

The Nutrition Clinic operates under a contract with the National Health Fund and guarantees the following services to patients with an enteral feeding tube inserted:

  • visits by doctors and nurses
  • laboratory blood and urine tests
  • deliveries of the diet meals and equipment for administration to the address of your choice
  • trainings for the patient and their carer

How do we feed?

The feeding is based on special diet meals created for patients fed by a feeding tube. The advantage of such diet meals is that they are easy to administer, have a high energy value and can be adapted individually to each patient; also, they have a high content of macro- and microelements and vitamins that are often missing in the traditional diet.
In addition to the preparations we supply the full equipment (syringes, swabs and disinfectants) necessary for the daily care and administration of nutrition. All of this is included in the standard care refunded by the National Health Fund.