About the Neurology Clinic

We specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions of the osteoarticular system, diseases of the central nervous system as well as the effects of injuries to the head, neck, trunk and limbs.

The range of services offered at the Neurology Clinic includes medical diagnosis based on diagnostic examinations and specialist consultations. The diseases that are most often treated at the Neurology Clinic are headaches and vertigo, conditions of the spine, multiple sclerosis (MS), degenerative diseases of the nervous system (e.g. Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease), epilepsy, cerebral stroke, cancers of the nervous system and dementia syndromes.

The Neurology Clinic also deals with diagnosing and treating disorders with different causes, symptoms and courses, such as movement disorders (involuntary movements, tremor in the hands and legs), muscle spasms and tics, visual, hearing and sleep disorders as well as memory disorders.

Conditions treated

  • inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system (spinal disc herniation, sciatica and other)
  • movement disorders
  • migraine pain caused by neurological conditions
  • degenerative diseases of the nervous system
  • extrapyramidal diseases incl. Parkinson’s disease
  • memory disorders, Alzheimer’s disease
  • epilepsy
  • disorders affecting nerves, nerve roots and plexuses
  • polyneuropathies and other disorders of the peripheral nervous system
  • neuromuscular junction diseases and muscle diseases
  • cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes
  • brain tumours
  • craniocerebral injuries
  • cancer of the spinal cord, cranial nerves and other parts of the central nervous system
  • dementia syndromes
  • diseases of the cerebral vessels
  • muscle diseases incl. myasthenia
  • myopathies
  • paediatric neurology
    • genetic birth defects due to a pathological pregnancy, perinatal disorders or complicated delivery
    • dysfunctions of the nervous system due to an accident, injury, other diseases, medication, neuroinfections and cerebral hypoxia

Range of examinations and procedures

  • neurology consultations
  • Doppler ultrasound

Our staff consists of world-class specialists

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